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Quarantine19 at Evie's Craft Room

Amid words like "fluid," "social distancing," and "virus," I have been wielding my glue gun against the fear of what will happen next. Recently here in little ole Indiana, the Governor is reopening mostly everything within the next month. I will keep my opinions to myself, but I do want to let you know that I won't be celebrating in the streets or going out to bars any time soon. So that means, more crafting and cutting my bangs with my good fabric scissors (just like your mom or grandma would yell at you for).

So what does that mean for the craft room? 1) More diy videos 2) more questionable crafts (did y'all see the small intestines I crafted?) 3) more online resources. 

Basically I am operating fully online until I feel it is safe to gather in small groups, which may be well into the winter. My four years of institutional biology learning tells me that may even be a stretch. I hope you understand that keeping your family and mine are the biggest priorities right now. AND that means giving you videos to craft at home (to keep a little sanity).



Evie & MeanieCat