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The Summer Infinity Scarf - Q&A

The summer infinity shawl is here! I wanted to answer some questions I have received about the pattern so you can confidently grab your needles and cast on.

It looks complicated, is it really for a beginner?

This is the first question that came to my mind when designing this. If it is too complicated, or if I have to’s not going to happen. So this mesh-look of the infinity scarf is the easiest way to get that lace-look. It is a repeat of two stitches - a knit and a yarn over. THAT IS IT! There are no increases or decreases, because why do that to yourself? This is a great project to master the yarn over so you can move to a harder lace project in the future. Or be like me and keep doing the simple stuff!

Does the pattern cost money?

Nope! It is free at

What needles do I use?

For this project I only use US 4, 3.5mm needles. I personally really love wooden needles so I used clover’s interchangeable bamboo. 

Do I need straight or circular needles?

This project is knitted flat, so it is up to you. I personally love using circular needles because I find them easier on my hands. Something about the flexible cord helps with my wrist strain.

Does it really only take a skein of yarn?

Yes! It only takes 400 yards of fingering weight yarn. Which sounds like a lot if we were talking a different yarn weight, but there’s a lot of yarn in a skein of fingering weight yarn.

What is fingering weight yarn?

Fingering weight yarn is a light yarn that is usually 4-ply, but you can find it in single ply to 8 ply. It is heavier than lace weight yarn and is sturdier. It is perfect for a summer garment as it is lighter weight.

Why did you use wool?

Because I love wool. It wicks away moisture easily, it is really durable and it is beginner friendly! It has just the right elastic stretch without being too stretchy. 

Can I use other yarn?

Of course! You can use other weights and other materials. A cotton would be great for this project, but make sure it has a little stretch (nylon) in it. For heavier weight yarn, cast on fewer stitches and see what happens. The key with changing fibers and changing weights is DO A TEST SWATCH. Test swatches can make or break a project, so take the time to do them.

Test swatches take time, do I have to?

YES. You can live on the edge and wing it, but trust the knitter with sweaters that are too big and too small even though “I followed the pattern.” Do. A. Test. Swatch.

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What is a mattress stitch?

How do I wash it?

By hand, with wool-specific laundry detergent in lukewarm water. I have used Eucalan for a decade and haven’t found anything I like more. They suggest leaving it at least an hour in the soapy water and you do NOT have to rinse it. 

How do I wear it?

Jess at lion brand yarns has four ways to wear it!