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three rules to FINISH MY WIPs (works in progress)

Did you laugh when you read the title? I snorted a little when I wrote it because that feels challenging!

As I write this, it's Sunday. Which means laundry day! Laundry to me is like a lot of my works in progress. Putting it into the washer, starting the project, is really easy. Gets a little harder to put them in the dryer, but still I can do it. Taking them out and folding them? Not great, but 50% of the time I do it. Putting them away: IMPOSSIBLE! 

Same thing with knitting, crocheting, and dyeing. Finding/buying the yarn: what I live for. Starting the project: eassssy. Finishing the project: 50%. Weaving in the ends: IMPOSSIBLE! 

So here are three things, major things, I am doing this year to stop the madness of 20 WIPs from 2018 to now. 

1) If I buy yarn, I have to have a plan. Also I will follow my crafting budget for each month. I know, the yarn dyer has too much yarn!

2) I will keep my WIPs to 3. Only three projects are active at one time, and until I hit that number, I can't add any. 

3) I will keep to my word. If I tell you it will get done, it will get done in a timely manner. Friends who read that and said "what about my xxx that you said you would do?" They are on the list. 


Phew! I have big goals this year and to keep focused, I gotta change something. And those WIPs may be a big piece of that. 

Happy knitting,