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Staying organized with a super creative personality

First, I can't lie. I would live in a home that could only be equated to a glittery pigsty. I love the clutter that comes with being creative. Imagine it: yarn explosion in the living room, a hot glue gun always plugged in and ready to go, and knitting needles in my silverware drawer. Ahhh the chaos is beautiful.

Someone reading that just exploded, especially if you are like my husband or any rational human being. But for me, that utopia was at one time my reality. Then I went to college and my sorority house nominated me to take care of that kind of chaos. I was kind of the hall monitor of clutter for everyone, including myself. And I started loving it. Not just because if I put something in the lost and found and it stayed there more than a week, I would take it to goodwill. BUT FIRST I would pillage what I wanted. I still own pants that are someone else's. Sorry, not sorry. And I have about 75 iphone chargers. Total abuse of power and I am sorry for any ADPi's reading this that fell victim to my power trip. 

Once I started selling my crafts, I realized that the chaos that my brain loves was not helping my bottom line. I would lose yarn or needles and have to rebuy them, just to find what I needed about three days later. It was frustrating! Then we started going to craft shows which was a whole new level of Peyton (husband) and I's communication skills. Some weeks we would have everything we needed and some weeks we would forget the money box. 

So I know, I know, you see it coming: I had to get organized. First, all of my tools had to have a home and all similar tools HAVE to be together. Like my knitting needles: circular needles, double pointed needles, and regular needles are stored in the same corner of my 9-cube organizer. They are close to my desk so I can use them quickly. All of my needles and hooks are within reach as well as scissors, measuring tape, and camera. My yarn that I am working with and known future projects are within one step of my desk. Any other supplies can be more of a walk away, but they all are grouped together.

I have one bag just for our markets with everything we need in it. If anything leaves that bag it goes back in as soon as I am done using it. We have had issues with that, so I made labels that say "craft show" and stuck them on everything that lives in that bag. If I find the craft show scissors in my kitchen drawer, you better believe I lose my mind. I find it works well.

Also if you are someone with good fabric scissors that someone in your house thinks they can use on plastic packaging to open their new toy, hide them. I find an old shoebox labeled "old socks" works well. Oh and make sure it is in plain sight so it doesn't seem unusual. And I do cover the scissors with a layer of old socks. Crazy? Just wait until your husband uses them to cut wire with and YOU TOO will be taking such precautions. 

Last thing, I had a hard time organizing my individual projects. Did I use cotton yarn or wool for that shawl last year for my cousin? I remember I started this hat with size 10 needles, but now that I found it 4 months later it has size 8 working needles. That's why I broke down and started writing down all of the details for any project I started. The big issue with this is that I would write them in my planner, or a notebook, or on a napkin from starbucks. Then I had patterns and notes everywhere. Out of frustration, I created a single page printable that takes all of that information in one place. I hole punch each sheet and put them in ONE binder. It has seriously been a game changer for my sanity. You can check it out here

How do you stay organized? Share them with me because I am still learning the ways of organizing.


XOXO, Evie + meanieCat