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Why I hired a LIFE COACH

Fear, shame, guilt and judgement seem to flood me all at the same time when making any type of business decision. Really, the four big nastys have stopped me from pursing my dreams for quite a while.

So when I told my friends I hired a life coach/vision master/business coach, I expected scoffing, laughing and eyerolling. Not because my friends are like that (they totally aren't) but because of the four big nastys tearing at my own heart. The story I told myself was "I am not worthy enough" or "who am I to get a life coach?". Because I am just a 26-year old with a yarn business who doesn't know what her next move is. I never felt like a "business person" enough to warrant such "grown up" coaching. Or that I needed to make a million dollars before I needed help.

But what if I did it? What if I loved it? What if I was making a mistake? What if I am so screwed up that I can't be fixed? What would my friends think? What would my family think? I am already going to therapy (which BTW people don't talk about enough) What happened when I couldn't be perfect? What if my coach didn't like me? What if i didn't work hard enough? *Insert gagging noises here*

That was until I went to therapy. I took my anxiety medicine. And I hired a bomb life coach. It wasn't anything like I expected. There was no army general yelling at me to get my f*cking life together or an accountant telling me how I don't know how to run a business. There was a compassionate, real coach asking me about my dreams.

My friends excitedly congratulated me. My husband thrilled. The person I saw in the mirror smiled like I hadn't seen in a long while. I have been waiting years for an opportunity like this, and it is too awesome to let worry step in.


This weeks mantra: This day is too awesome to let worry rule it.

XO Wild Ones,